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Elevators and Half-Priced Sales

Under Pressure

Nina Lisa
25 May
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I write constantly, whether it's in an online journal, thoughts in a notebook, or even on my jeans with a Sharpie during class. I love to dance. I belond to my high school dance company, Keramos. I love it when I'm driving in my car, because I turn the music up and sing to my heart's content. Singing is a passion of mine. I sing in my high school girls select ensemble group, The Cantantes. I love to act; portraying someone other than myself is always fun. Walking on the beach is a summer "must" for me, as is playing in the rain. Walking on the beach during the winter is great as well. I'm addicted to basketball. The Detroit Pistons are my favourite team, followed closely by the Philadelphia 76ers (hometown! Represent.) I watch every game, unless I'm forced to miss one (also known as I have to work or I'm dying). My dad and I have taken to yelling at the TV if we don't like what the referees have to say.... If you just so happen to want to contact me, feel free; I'll always respond.
#2, 311, acting, adam pascal, afi, africa, against me!, alkaline trio, allen iverson, american beauty, anchors for reality, anorexia, anti-bush, anti-flag, avril lavigne, bad religion, basketball, ben wallace, bert mccracken, black and white photography, black eyeliner, bliss fest, bob geldof, boondock saints, bruce springsteen, carina round, chauncey billups, chris #2, chris head, cky, coffee, coheed & cambria, cutting, dance, dancing, davey havoc, death cab for cutie, detroit pistons, donnie darko, dream for an insomniac, eating disorders, eddie vedder, elliot smith, ember swift, england, europe, fight club, finding neverland, freddie mercury, gerard way, green day, guys in eyeliner, hats, high fidelity, hoobastank, hootie and the blowfish, humanitarian aid, incubus, independent films, indigo girls, ione skye, jack johnson, jimi hendrix, jodi picoult, john cusack, johnny depp, jonatha brooke, jude law, julia margaret cameron, justin sane, kris demeanor, law & order: svu, lisa loeb, live aid, london, looking at the stars, love, love actually, madviolet, maroon 5, mary-kate olsen, my chemical romance, new york city, new zealand, nine inch nails, nirvana, nofx, orlando bloom, papa roach, pat thetic, philadelphia, philadelphia 76ers, photography, playing guitar, psychology, punk rock, queen, rasheed wallace, rent, richard hamilton, say anything, scarves, self-mutilation, senses fail, sex pistols, singing, slc punk, stevie wonder, sting, story of the year, system of a down, taking back sunday, tayshaun prince, the ataris, the beatles, the misfits, the used, the waifs, three days grace, thrift stores, thursday, tom gabel, tool, travel, trent reznor, tsunami bomb, vintage/thrift stores, watching the stars, weezer, weight issues